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Airline pilot interview and simulator assessment preparation. Personal approach, coaching and follow-up. By airline and human resource professionals.


About us

Pilot-Assessment.com is driven by highly experienced and motivated professionals.

Our team members themselves successfully passed interviews in the past with companies such as
Sabena, Air France, Ryanair, Norwegian, EasyJet, Virgin Express, TNT airways, Jetair, Etihad Airways, Emirates and Qatar.
They are more than happy to share their experience.

Together, we are 100% committed to support and coach candidates towards their airline pilot assessment.

Capt. Dimitri COLIN

Captain B737-800
Senior ground instructor ATPL "Principles of Flight" at CAE and BFS

Capt. Jean-Marc DUCHATELET

Captain B737-800
Former base-captain in Morocco
Previous experience on B737-200, B737 classic, B767 and A32F

Capt. Bernard HEUSE

Captain B777
Head of Training at Belgian Flight School
Previous experience on B737, Bae146 and A320
Former line training captain Bae146


Manager at Proximus.
Extensive experience in recruitment and interviewing
of "high profile" candidates

Capt. Marc SIMON

Captain B737-800
Type rating instructor B737-300/900
Previous experience on Convair 580, B727, DC10, B767, AvroRJ

Capt. Guibert DE QUIRINI

MCC instructor at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
Ground instructor "Human Performance"
Former Captain B737/Avro at Sabena, VEX,  Brussels Airlines

Capt. Pierre DOHET

Captain B737
Type rating instructor and examiner B737 / B757 / B767
S-TRE for the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority
Deputy director of operations at BA OpenSkies
Over 20 years experience as instructor

Capt. Olivier WINANDY

Captain B737-800
Type rating instructor 737-300/900
Sim instructor MCC/JOC
Senior ground instructor ATPL "Airframe & Systems" at CAG
Previous experience as flight engineer DC-10

Capt. Fr├ęderic VAN DER MONDE

Currently operating as SFO A320
Previous experience as a captain on B737, ATR42/72 and Bae146
CRM and Instrument-Rating instructor
Recent experience as SFI