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Airline pilot interview and simulator assessment preparation. Personal approach, coaching and follow-up. By airline and human resource professionals.


Airline Interview Preparation


During an interview, you are screened and analysed from the moment you shake hands until you have left the room. 

Pilot-Assessment developed a very effective and personalised interview preparation,
either individually or in group.

Don't miss our unique and extremely realistic SIMULATED INTERVIEW with
an HR-professional and an experienced airline captain.



DAY 1 - class room course (full day):

  • License validity, logbook, ...
  • CV and cover letter redaction
  • What are airlines looking for ?
  • Dress code and body language training
  • Dealing with difficult personal questions
  • Practical examples and interactive exercises
  • Group assessment exercise
  • Sandwich and drink offered for lunch


DAY 2 - individual SIMULATED INTERVIEW (1,5h):

  • 1h simulated interview with an HR-professional and an airline captain
  • 30 minutes professional analysis, de-briefing and advice
  • Comments and suggestions for your CV & Letter

Next Interview Course:
last week of August 2017
(exact date tba)

Interview Simulation at Pilot-Assessment.com

Price: 399€

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Courses normally take place around Charleroi Brussels South Airport in Belgium, but we also organise sessions "on demand" anywhere in Europe at your convenience. Contact us for more info.



Simulated interview

The best way to prepare yourself for an interview... is to do an interview !

We make your simulated interview is as real as it can get, with experienced professionals and an extremely realistic environment. You will be assessed during 1 h on your personal qualities and your technical knowledge, followed by very detailed analysis, de-briefing and guidance towards your future interview.

  • 1h individual simulated interview with an HR professional and an airline captain
  • 30 minutes professional analysis, de-briefing and advice
  • Comments and suggestions for your CV & Letter
  • Both technical and non-technical aspects are observed
  • The ultimate preparation for a real interview !

Next sessions for simulated interviews: on request

INDIVIDUAL interview coaching

  • 4h individual coaching
  • Review and suggestions for your CV and cover letter
  • Personalised interview preparation
  • Company tailored preparation for specific airlines if possible
  • Flexible planning. Ideal for (reasonably) short notice assessments
  • 100% tailored to meet YOUR needs and expectations

You can also book together with a buddy for only 299€ per person. Just enter promo code "BUDDY" during the online booking.