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Airline pilot interview and simulator assessment preparation. Personal approach, coaching and follow-up. By airline and human resource professionals.

Airline Resume and Cover Letter


Your airline assessment preparation starts with an effective Resume (CV) and Cover Letter.

They are the very first impression that recruiters will have of you and will determine wether you get invited for an assessment or not.

Recruiters read hundreds of Cover Letters looking all very similar. Make sure yours stands out.

We can help you with reviewing and optimizing them to maximize your chances.



Resume (CV) and Cover Letter service:


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Once we've received your payment, we will send you a confirmation E-mail within 48h.
Reply with your attached Resume (CV) and/or Cover Letter.
We might contact you for additional information because we want to get it 100% right.


You will receive your reviewed Resume (CV) and/or Cover Letter within 5 working days once we have gathered all required information.
Documents are delivered as .pdf and .docx files.

CV + Cover Letter Reviewing
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