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Airline pilot interview and simulator assessment preparation. Personal approach, coaching and follow-up. By airline and human resource professionals.

Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation


How are your handling skills, CRM and situational awareness
compared to the competitor candidates?

There is no room for improvisation and only experienced airline pilots can prepare you efficiently for your simulator assessment. 

That's why our instructors are all experienced airline captains, preparing you in high standard fixed base or full motion simulators.


Complete simulator preparation: from 699€*

Assessment oriented briefing/refresher ( 1,5h ):

  • How to do efficient briefings
  • Problem management
  • Tips and tricks to improve flying skills
  • Pressure and stress management
  • Checklist sequence
  • CRM refresher
  • Typical DO's and DONT's
  • What are recruiters looking at
  • Introduction to B737NG (if required)
  • Pitch and thrust settings
  • Profiles and call-outs
  • Quick review of the sim session
  • Questions, answers and suggestions

Simulator session ( 3h ):

  • Familiarisation with aircraft handling
  • Air work (handling exercises)
  • IFR procedures
  • Vectors, ILS, NPA, G/A etc...
  • Non normal situations, CRM and situational awareness

Debriefing ( 30' ):

  • Professional de-briefing
  • Suggestions and advice towards your future assessment

Every session is tailored to meet YOUR needs and expectations !

* All prices are 21% Belgian VAT included.
* Fixed base 737NG:
          European Flight Simulator: 699€
          Brussels Flight Simulators: 740€
* Candidates are expected to review IFR procedures in advance


Also available on FFS
AVRO-RJ and B737

Individually or with buddy


135€ per hour (incl. VAT). Minimum 2h. 
1,5h briefing and 0,5h de-briefing included.