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Airline pilot interview and simulator assessment preparation. Personal approach, coaching and follow-up. By airline and human resource professionals.


Feedback from Charlotte D. (simulator coaching)

Pilot Assessment

" It was surprising how much about the knowledge I forgot from during my MCC. The simulator session helped me a lot to bring the knowledge back. The instructor had a lot of patient and gave me time to get used to the aircraft type. It was amusing to see my development during the session. The instructor gave a very good debriefing. "

Feedback from Charlotte D. (interview coaching)

Pilot Assessment

" I really liked the session with the coach. He was very helpful and I learned a lot. Except the vision about the introduction of an interview that needs to be reviewed. There was a different opinion during the simulated interview. For the rest I have no suggestions. Many thanks to the coach who invited me to his home. I wish I did this training earlier. "

Feedback from Douglas R. (simulator coaching)

Pilot Assessment

" It was a great session of simulator wich helps us to get back on track when we have spent several months without flying, to catch back good reflexes that we can loose with time. 

The coaching of mister Colin was really good, he is very dedicated to help us to improve and to show us how to make things better ! 

I am really happy and satisfied with the session and I would recommend it to everyone before an assessment. "

Feedback from D.R. (interview preparation)

Pilot Assessment

1) Course: " Very professional , I recommend it to everyone that will pass an interview. "

2) Simulation: " Very professional , the interview is very realistic and the debriefing is very complete , it really helps us to see our weaknesses and to improve them , it was a great experience ! "

Feedback from K.V. (interview preparation)

Pilot Assessment

1) Course: "Learned a lot ! Instructor with good communication skills and good background to share !"

2) Simulation: "I have learned a lot about myself and the first impression people can have about me at first, which is of course the main point of an interview.
Many things to improve, working on it. Thanks for that "

Feedback from Bertrand J. (simulator coaching)

Pilot Assessment

" The preparation for my simulator screening was perfect. I prepared myself with Pilot Assessment on the B737 NG and my screening was on B737 Classic. Instruments are different, reactions of the aircraft too, but with a little research on the Classic and the good advices of the pilot Assessment’s Instructor, I did it very well. They are professional and they know what they are talking about.
I was comfortable, well prepared for my screening and I succeeded. 
I kindly recommend Pilot Assessment. "

Feedback from Pierre R. (simulator coaching)

Pilot Assessment

" Fantastic preparation and amazing flexibility. Received the interview confirmation on Tuesday, contacted pilot-assessment the same day and got briefing on Friday, sim on Saturday. Interview next monday and positive answer on Tuesday! Thanks to pilot-assessment for the good preparation :-) "